Hera Grace‚Äôs editorial staff provides news, articles, and information to a world-wide audience. Hera Grace news content is not influenced by its sponsors, stake-holders, or managing personnel. Only the editorial department gets to decide on the news content and information coverage, and our editors make sure that only the original, relevant, and reliable content is published on the portal.  

Hera Grace is committed to the principles of authenticity, accuracy, fairness, objectivity, and editorial integrity. Hera Grace stands out as a credible and impartial source of news and information, especially in the online medium that is notorious for publishing unreliable and inaccurate content. Our editorial staff is taught to adhere to ethical behavior and conform to the highest professional standards.

Depending on the target audience of the particular section within Hera Grace portal, our editors spend a considerable time in the beginning of their day to decide on doing only the most relevant and current news, articles and features on weekdays. After the topic selection, the facts are thoroughly researched and appropriate newsmakers, authentic news sources, and subject experts interviewed; all this to make sure that we provide a balanced account of happenings with due regards to the principles of objectivity and accuracy. While writing the news, articles and features, particular attention is paid to the grammatical correctness, choice of words, and adherence to our in-house style-book. Finally, the editors edit the content for flow of ideas, grammar usage, punctuation, style, and readability.

Before being published, certain deeply technical news and information content is reviewed by reviewers who are experts in their fields. Reviewers check such content for technical jargon, terms, and their accuracy and appropriateness of usage.

News and editorial contents are set apart from advertorials, advertisements, and other promotional content on the web-pages, and separate graphics and color combinations followed to make them appear easily distinguishable from news content.

The final published content that readers get to read is after the careful consideration of the following:

A. Adherence to highest professional standards

  • Appropriate newsmakers, authentic news sources, and subject experts interviewed
  • News sources appropriately quoted and news facts properly attributed to sources
  • Facts thoroughly researched and cross-checked
  • Information made available on time

B. Professionally written with particular attention paid to correct English usage

  • Well-structured write-ups written in a coherent language
  • Adherence to Hera Grace style-book
  • Grammatical correctness
  • Choice of words, and punctuation etc.
  • Proper sentence structure with smooth transition of ideas
    • Within paragraphs as well as within the whole news
  • Inverted pyramid style followed in news-writing

C. Proper sharp, and appropriate photos and captions provided

D. Technical news and information content reviewed by our in-house reviewers for technical jargon and terms, and their accuracy and appropriateness of usage