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2/3 BHK Apartments

Location : Gazipur Zirakpur

Description :

Our spacious apartments are close to Zirakpur s biggest parks developed and maintained by GMADA. Golden sand believes in providing the best amenities comparable with any of the best housing societies in zirakpur.

To give first impression a lasting impression, our homes come with grand entrance to match your success and status. Having a grand entrance equals to dashing entry, it gives you feeling of pride and states your status to your coming guest. Every aspect of the home gives the owner pride whether he knows it or not. Increase in the latent energy of the owner will give him joy and augment his work efficiency and life eventually.

Only project in the tricity on Vastu basis to channelize the positive energies and bring prosperity, good health & longevity. Chinese vastu shastra is most advanced in the world, which is well known fact. While starting the project they were consulted and to have positive energy flow through ground many techniques were used to harness underground water’s true potential to spread positivity all around the concerned area. This believed to bring prosperity and cheerfulness in the lives of persons living in that vicinity.


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USP : Vastu Friendly Premium Homes