Beauty, coupled with elegance is an asset which every modern woman covets to possess. Beautiful hair forms an essential part of a woman’s overall persona.

Across the globe there are women of diverse ethnicities whose gorgeous hair makes us wonder if they have been uniquely blessed by the divine power to look flawless and we all harbor a desire to be granted their miraculous ability to epitomize perfection. But, you will be glad to know that the enigma surrounding their mesmerizingly shiny tresses has been unraveled and here are some simple tips which we can use without any ministrations of beauticians:

Rosemary water- Greece

Haven’t we all been held spellbound by the shiny tresses of the dazzling Greek women? All the credit goes to boiled rosemary water which they use to rinse their hair. This rosemary rinse is prepared by mixing rosemary with some water and apple cider vinegar. This not only cleanses the hair gently which stimulates hair growth but also prevents premature greying of hair. Also, crushed rosemary leaves with olive oil work wonders on getting rid of dandruff and itchy scalp.

Red Wine and Egg Yolks- France

The French are celebrated for their rich wine but this alcoholic beverage has aesthetic as well as therapeutic benefits too. If you desire to have shimmering locks like a French mademoiselle, lather your hair with red wine. Not only this, the polyphenols in the wine repair damaged hair by curbing the oxidation of your precious hair.

For those whose desire is to have shiny and thick hair, a mixture of egg yolk, rum and olive oil is the most effective solution. Leave the mixture on your hair for about an hour then shampoo your hair and rinse and voila! You will be the envy of many a young woman.

Rice Water- China

Let’s all confess the truth- we are all awestruck or even secretly envious of the long, shiny and healthy hair that seems to be ubiquitous among Chinese women. So what is their secret? It’s rice water. The murky, white water that is left behind after cleaning rice and straining it has been traditionally by Chinese women to wash their hair; a practice which was started in ancient China by the women farmers.  

Soak half a cup of rice in two cups of water for about 15 minutes and then strain the rice from the water. Wash your hair and see how doing this repeatedly adds sheen to your hair along with enhancing hair growth.

South Korea- Green Tea

The natural hair with a healthy texture that so many Korean women have can be credited to the custom of rinsing their hair with green tea after using shampoo and conditioner. The antioxidants such as polyphenols present in green tea have lots of therapeutic benefits for hair. It keeps our scalp healthy, reduces hair loss and makes the hair lustrous. Also, it safeguards our hair against UV radiation damage because it has Vitamin C and E.

Argan Oil- Morocco

The deep amber-colored argan oil derived from argan tree which is native to Morocco definitely deserves to be called the “Gold of Morocco”. If you desire to have softer and shinier hair, then follow what Moroccan women do- oil your scalp and hair with argan oil. The antioxidants and vitamins-rich argan oil will make your hair healthy, lustrous and enhance its suppleness.