Here are some tips to help you get the summer look!

To get a ‘summery’ appearance, here are some tips. Summer is the best time to experiment with bold brows, Smokey eyes, and cat-eye styles. Bold eyeshadow, a fake lash, or eyeliner may accentuate your eyes depending on your hairstyle. 

A summer outfit is always a sure way to get attention, whatever your unique style. Meanwhile, you may be interested in some of our summery makeup suggestions. 

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Invigorating Cats’ Eyes

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If you’re eager to go out and play in the sun this summer, try getting the cat-eye look. It’s simple to do this beauty look inspired by Sophia Loren. An eyeliner in the form of a wing should be applied from the outer corner of your eye inwards to get this appearance. Glitter, flower petals or rhinestones may heighten the visual impact.

Egyptian males first wore the cat-eye, although it was also popular in Asia and the Middle East. As a result of the initially crushed kohl, the appearance quickly spread over the whole area where it was first employed. 

The sultry, dramatic cat eye made it a favourite of the era’s flapper populace. The cat-eye was a favourite of film stars because it was a timeless emblem that appealed to a broad range of people and looked great on movie stars.

Brows With Boldness

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Adding a splash of colour to your brows like Hayden Panettiere can give you a new face for the summer. She has a set of solid and fresh brows when lighted up by the sun and defines her brows in every way. She uses a taupe brown powder, which seems more natural in natural light. To complete the appearance, she smudges on a little purple eyeshadow. The remainder of her make-up is subtle, giving her a fresh, untouchable appearance.

If you have a pale complexion, you may experiment with a deeper colour for your eyes (or even eyebrows!) For a more natural appearance, go for darker eyebrows rather than lighter hair in the summer. 

Contrast your hair colour to your skin tone to select a shade that looks well on you. Your brows should be at least one shade darker than the colour of your hair.

Fake Freaks

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Incorporate the use of fake freckles into your regular make-up routine. Some highlighter, bronzer, or gloss is all that’s needed to bring up their best features. They also look great when worn in conjunction with thick, arched eyebrows. Do this if you’re new to this style and you want to appear like you have freckles. 

Here are a few pointers to help you get started. And, it’s here to stay, and it’s going to be a big one!

Before you can begin, you’ll need some phoney freckles. 

You may have the summery appearance with fake freckles, whether you make them yourself or hire a professional. 

Make careful to choose a natural or artificial look to match your skin colour. 

Professionally applied freckles like those on Gabrielle Rainbow, Adreena Fenton Models, and Kyle at Muse NYC have given these models attractive, confident looks.

Smokey Eyes

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Smokey eyes can only be achieved with the right liner. Get something that isn’t going to irritate your eyes, which isn’t going to pull at them. Before your smoky eye is finished, you have a few minutes to blend and set the pencil liner. 

Because this look requires little effort, it works best if you don’t have much time to devote to the eyeshadow application. Smokey eyes may be achieved by following these simple steps.

Make your eyes seem more natural by using a light shade of makeup. 

Choose a shimmering silver or copper colour if you want your makeup to stay all summer. 

Lighter shades should be placed closer to the lash line and on the outside corner of the eye, while darker ones should be placed inward. 

When blending, choose a medium shade of colour. The outer lash line may be brightened using a little silver or bronze.

Vibrant Hairstyles 

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Ombre highlights are an excellent way to jazz up your hair for the season. If you’re looking to give your hair a fresh new appearance, this style is for you. We’ve rounded together some of our favourite summer hairstyles:

Try a top knot for a more sexy look this summer. This summer’s hairdo is a great choice to keep your face out of your hair during the day. 

A rainbow hairstyle is another option. A low-speed hair dryer was used to dry her hair in a rainbow hue designed by Bumble & Bumble creative director Daniel Moon. 

Choose between a long-term and short-term rainbow colour for your hair, depending on its texture. It is possible to get a powdery look using Revlon Nutri-Gloss hair colour.


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