Shaved Haircut

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When it comes to the latest hair trends, how we can forget to mention the haircuts with shaved temples. This haircut is considered as the most daring style and it is getting great popularity in recent seasons.

While shaved whiskey can go well with haircuts for any length, they look awesome on long hair especially. Sophisticated and elegant forms present a bold and confident personality that is increasingly chosen by Indian women of all ages.

If you love experimenting and love to express your inner world by creating a non-trivial image, try one of the hottest haircuts for women in India. The best part is that the shaved can be covered with a long part of the hair, so you can redo your hairstyle at any time.

Long Blunt Bob cut with Light Waves

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Bob cut is quite popular among India ladies; here I am going to mention a staggering variation of it that the long blunt bob cut for women. This haircut is especially with simple light waves that will enhance the cut along with flatter with face structure.

Long Blunt Bob cut with Light Waves attracts women with its low maintenance, easy chicness, and styling versatility. What’s more, long babe with waves is becoming a favourite hairstyle and it is to be among the prettiest haircuts for women in 2021. So, if you are looking for such a style, then this cut is undoubtedly a fantastic variant to go.

The Vintage Cut

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Get a flawless look with the vintage haircut. This has become swag for all modern, classy girls. This haircut has short curved hair inwards. The wavy layer looks amazing, especially with casual outfits.

This is among the trending haircuts for short hair in India. This haircut provides you with a pleasant look and makes your personality more presentable.

Bangs on Forehead

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Bangs on Forehead is among the easiest and trendy haircuts for women in India. This is quite easy to do and does need a lot of efforts for maintenance. You can add bangs to this. If you love a simple hairdo, this is an ideal option for you, carry it off with style.

Bangs on Forehead is perfect for women in their early 20s, compliment this style with the western outfit. Summer is mainly a good time to try this style, although you can also go in winter.

Soft Curls with Long Bangs

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Soft curls with long bangs, a perfect option for a shoulder-length haircut is an easy to do hairstyle. With this hairstyle, the hair at the back is curled from the tips with big curls, and the front is kept short an inch and left to fall straight.

This hairstyle is widely carried out for the day to day looks and is considered among the best Indian hairstyles for medium hair.

The fine fluffy curves on the shoulder add to its beauty. Generally, college teens and professional women carry this look. This haircut looks excellent on wavy and straight hair type and round and long face shape.

V Shaped Layers on Long Length hair

Photo Courtesy: Yelp

Looking for trending hairstyles for medium-length to long length hair? V-Shaped layers are extremely beautiful and look awesome on medium to long hair. These layers look exactly like what the name tries to describe.

The layers of this hairstyle form a V shape when you look at it from the back. These particular V-shaped layers create an amazing balance of textures, volume and wispiness without needing to be overly textured with texturizing scissors or be detailed with choppy ends. This layered hairstyle is a classic look and among the best trendy haircuts for women in India.