You style mavens have every cause to be delighted! Vibrant colour and tried-and-true classics come together in this season’s fashion to create a unique style.

Fashion analysts characterise this year’s fall and winter’s colour palette as ‘charged with vigour and distinctiveness.’ And it is all because of its versatility and agelessness.

Worldwide, designers have been focusing on using a palette of bright, single colours, according to the institution. For a more unified look, they’ve paired them with neutral seasonal favourites like denim and sweaters.

According to fashion designers, ‘clients frequently emphasise value and utility because of the ‘fewer is better’ ethos. Check out some of the Autumn/Winter 2021 colour trends

Foliage green

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For inspiration, go to natural greens like grasses and leaves or a vivid emerald. It’s all a lovely shade of deep green, and it’s everywhere! Depending on the shirt’s colour and style below, this jacket may be worn as is or layered. From fall to winter, go for a linen-mix dress or a maxi skirt with a muslin top.

Rosy pink

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We’ve always preferred cushions, throw rugs, and duvet covers in colours from this family. It may now be seen on clothing and accessories alike. This powdery shade of pink goes well with loose-fitting tops and jackets of the season. Using white essentials as a base, it provides a sophisticated contrast look.

Sunshine yellow

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Don’t be put off by the bright colour on the sleeves and neckline; pair it with denim or neutral linen pants or skirts. Because it’s such a vibrant and eye-catching colour, one piece could have a significant impact! Accessorise with it if you feel comfortable wearing it out on your own. Use stripes or other colours to make it look patterned instead of just a solid block of yellow. Another option is to use a more subdued shade of yellow. Whatever colour you choose to wear, you’ll be right on-trend.

Powdery blue

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This colour, despite its mellow appearance, can add a splash of colour to any ensemble. While it may not be as eye-catching, its ability to enhance any outfit isn’t diminished by its lack of boldness. Although blue is often associated with cold and icy feelings, this softer shade has a hint of cosy. Adding a pop of powder blue to your knitwear will dress it up and make you look more feminine.

Peachy pastels

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Since pastel peaches have a warmer undertone than rosy pink, they can be worn by people of all skin tones. Instead, pair it with white or grey for a crisp, preppy look or with something more subdued and timeless for a more casual ensemble. A pair of light wash denim slacks is also a fantastic complement for this blouse. Furthermore, wear a long-sleeved shirt in silk or linen for fall or a midi ruffled fine-fabric skirt in peaches for a refined style. Luxurious textiles and frilly or ruffled items will feature this colour due to its softness.


In the winter shopping mall, you’ll find all of these colours and more to spice up your winter wardrobe.