There’s no time like summer to take advantage of these hot new trends.

If you’d want to make the most of the current runway trends this season, there are several ideas you can utilise. These trends include Platform shoes, Crochet apparel, and maxi skirts. 

However, how can you know which one is best for you? Here are several simple methods to reproduce them!

A Long, Flowing Skirt

Photo Courtesy: Aliexpress

A vibrant shade of lime green is a must-have for your summer wardrobe. Numerous celebrities have noticed the vivid colour. This season, see if you can spot the celebs who have worn it before you. The hue has been seen on several celebrities, including Cambridge and Zendaya. 

In addition to its sparkling beauty, it is also quite comfortable for the user. It also helps to keep the user cooler by absorbing sunlight and body energy. Now you may be the judge of that!

All-rounder Crop Tops

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Crop shirts with high-waisted skirts are a trendy alternative. Crop tops may also be worn with a long coat or blazer. This style has been worn by celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox. The style has been so popular that it’s becoming a lasting standard in the fashion industry.

Crochet clothes

Photo Courtesy: Women Crochet

Crochet’s airy, fine-grained texture is perfect for a light, breezy summer. It’s a great approach to choosing your must-haves for your summer outfit. Crochet may make anything from dresses and purses to shoes and sandals for the next summer season. Crochet is the proper method to achieve it, whether you’re attempting to emulate a ’70s appearance or want to add a nostalgic touch.

Mesh tops

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While mesh top/shirts were a popular style in the 1990s, this summer’s trend is more adaptable. Dresses and skirts look great layered underneath or with jeans and leggings. The lightweight mesh fabric suits practically any style. Plus, mesh shirts are flattering in almost every form. A-listers’ red carpet appearances are a great way to see the trend in action.

Also, mesh shirts are an excellent way to mimic this style. Featuring ruching and cut-outs is one of the simplest ways to simulate this summer’s runway trend.

Platform sneakers

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For the previous two seasons, platform shoes have been in high demand. The platform sneaker has been reimagined as a more fashionable shoe in recent years. They have a softer cheek than the massive trek soles on Muccio Prada’s SS19 runway, making them more sensual than athletic.

Another appealing feature of the platform shoe craze is its evocation of a bygone era. Several tie-dyes and pastel variants of the style were shown by Versace, Giambattista Valli, and Balmain designers, among others. The platform shoe, which harkens back to the early 2000s, fits this nostalgic trend. Even small ladies can carry off the big heels.

Black and White Mix!

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Black and white tones characterise the current summery styles. The monochrome composition is a definite must-have, and it’s not only for the beach! 

They’re displaying off the figure, from the cleavage to the waist. A French tuck transforms it into a dress or shirt. Then there are the cushioned shoulders.

Street style shows a popular look since models can be seen donning it. So, black is your hue whether you want to appear very stylish or keep warm.


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Plaid could be familiar to you if you’ve been looking for the newest style. This summery design is a favourite of celebrities and is finding its way into our wardrobes. For a fantastic summer day or transitional weather, a pair of plaid pants is an essential element of your ensemble. These pants are appropriate for both day and night-time use. Depending on your mood, you may wear them with a dinner suit or business attire.