Motherhood may be hectic! It’s easy to lose sight of the need for self-care. Consider the following hair suggestions for those hectic or bad-hair days!

Remember those carefree days before having children, when you had all the time in the world to oil, wash, condition, dry, and style your hair? We don’t see nearly as many of those days nowadays, do we? On the other hand, many of us have realised that after experiencing significant postpartum hair loss, it is impossible to dismiss one’s hair thoroughly. As a result, over the last two years, I’ve created several time-saving strategies for getting your hair ready faster without compromising hair care.

Applying hair oil before bedtime

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In terms of being a parent, the morning routine may be one of the most hectic. In the morning, using hair oil before going to sleep may save you a few minutes of your daily routine. The longer the oil is in your hair, the more conditioning it may provide since it has had more opportunity to penetrate the hair fibres.

It’s a good idea to warm up the oil before applying it to your hair

Before using the oil on your hair and skin, warm it up a little bit so that you don’t have to keep it on overnight. The oil absorbs faster because of this.

Use a leave-in conditioner

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On days when you just don’t have the time, you may skip the oiling, washing, and drying of your hair. Avoid using hairspray and choose a leave-in conditioner instead. A leave-in conditioner is an easy and efficient solution when it comes to detangling and moisturising your hair.

The usage of dry shampoo is always good

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When you don’t have the time to wash your hair, dry shampoo is the answer. To give your hair a youthful look and perfume, you may use dry shampoo in only a few minutes.

Embrace the traditional ponytail

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The classic ponytail is one of the most straightforward and most comfortable hairstyles to pull off. This is my go-to haircut when I need to go out the door fast. You can tie it up even if you’re running.

While you sleep, style your hair!

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Was there ever a time when we had to go to school with pigtails? They are undoubtedly your finest ally when it comes to hairstyling. They are the best. The quickest and easiest way to get naturally curly, bouncy hair is to use a flat iron. Braid your hair before going to bed. Open it up in the morning and gently comb it with your fingers.

Make a statement with your hair by wearing it in braids

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Braids are a low-maintenance hairstyle that protects and volumizes your hair all at the same time. The versatility of braids allows you to create various looks, from your go-to look for the office to a fun party look. They have a delicate, silky feel, and they’re easy to maintain since they’re not prone to tangling.

Well, to all lovely ‘busy moms’, these time-saving hair care techniques will always stand victorious!