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Blotches, electrostatic cling, and painfully tight knitwear are all a thing of the past!!

It is more likely that you will experience problems with your clothing if you overdress in the cold. A lengthy experience is not necessary when it comes to dressing for the cold. 

Here are six helpful winter hacks to help you and your clothing endure the cold season.

                          Increase the life of your tights

By putting your winter tights in the freezer before the first wear, you can significantly extend their life expectancy. Rinse a new pair of tights thoroughly in water. Make sure to dry your stockings before putting them in the freezer for several hours to get the best results. The next day, wear the tights as usual after defrosting overnight. Because of the low temperature, the tights’ fibres will be strengthened. Maintaining your stockings or pantyhose by applying hairspray may assist in keeping the problem from getting any worse. Using the spray, the threads can be held in place for a short time.

                        Exfoliate woollens with pumice

Pumice stones can be used to remove the pilling from a sweater. When it comes to scooping up balls of sweater fluff, the pumice stone is the perfect tool. Keep your hands off of the real thing. When painting, it is quite acceptable to use light strokes that barely touch. To remove obstinate lint from a faux fur jacket’s sweater fuzz or shed hairs, makeup sponges can be used as lint rollers. What a Beauty Blender could be that flexible is mind-boggling!

                      Soften an uncomfortable sweater 

For an itchy sweater, you may be able to use a hair conditioner and white vinegar to soften it. Fifteen minutes of cold water and white vinegar soak time will do wonders for your sweater. Make sure you wait at least 30 minutes before applying the conditioner. Remove all of the conditioners from your sweater before putting it out to dry. There will be a significant reduction in itching once you’ve finished. The freezer is a great way to keep your sweaters clean. To reduce shedding, remove your cashmere or wool sweater from the freezer before each wear.

                                      Use dryer sheets 

It is possible to get rid of static electricity by using dryer sheets (such as hats). You may lessen static cling by putting a safety pin into your garment. If your dress gets stuck to your tights due to static electricity, insert a safety pin into it.

                        Restore matted suede using a brush

Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, a worn-out piece of suede can be revived. Your suede leather will look and feel as though it just came out of the packaging. You can use a part of the stale bread crust to remove dirt from your suede shoes. Even if some of the bread crumbles, the dirt will be rinsed away in no time.

                           Dry leather boots with paper 

If you set your wet leather boots near a heater to dry, the leather could dry out and shatter. In place of it, fill them with paper and place them in a location that is well-lit and well-ventilated.” Your leather shoes may lose their quality if you wear them in hot or sunny weather. A newspaper-wrapped pair of damp boots should be placed in a cool, shaded area away from direct sunlight or heat to dry. A solution of vinegar and water can also remove salt stains off leather boots after a day of hiking. As an alternative, Boot Rescue wipes, which are gentle on leather and suede, can be used.

If you follow a few easy guidelines, you may look and feel one in a million this winter. Is there any fashion advice that you’d want to share with us?