Skincare and cosmetics have long been a widespread ‘interest’ for many individuals. We suffered a nightmare in our bed as a result of these beauty products!!

Organising our quarters was made possible by our social exclusion. It became clear to us during the purging process that excessive cosmetic product acquisition has environmental and economic effects. Consumption harms the environment. Therefore we need to take it more seriously. As a result, we’ve all decided to cut back on our spending on unnecessary products. 

If you’d want to get rid of some of these five beauty products right now, check out the post below!

Makeup Pads Made of Cotton

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It’s time to stop using cotton pads as a cosmetic product or, at the very least, reduce our use of the product. Using two cotton pads daily might result in a deluge of garbage at the dump in as little as a few months. We could save money by purchasing cotton pads instead of this pointless cosmetic stuff.

Facial Cleansers

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As a result of celebrities and influencers who swear by 12-step regimens, we’ve come to feel that we need even more skincare products. In the case of toner, this may be proved. An essential part of maintaining your skin’s pH balance is toner. In the past, soaps were a little harsher than they are today, but they were far more frequent. Toners are unnecessary because there are so many gentle cleansers on the market nowadays that your skin won’t even require them. As a result, you may decide to cease using this cosmetic product.

Facial Sheet Masks

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It is a sheet mask that contributes to pollution. As an alternative to a sheet mask, you might use serums or moisturisers instead. Instead of using sheet masks, you may save money and help the environment by cutting waste.

Aromatic Products

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Skincare products you used as a child may have had an appealing aroma. The way you look at things now is different. Adding fragrance to your skincare products has lately been found to be worthless. Increased sensitivity to odours may ensue, which might be problematic in some situations. ‘

Facial Exfoliators

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Facial exfoliators are a thing of the past when you try chemical exfoliation. To avoid irritating the skin, physical exfoliating procedures such as scrubs should be avoided. Consider using an exfoliating toner containing alpha and beta hydroxy acids instead to exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

What’s your beauty product resolutions for the new year?