Most of us can only distinguish between two or three different types of heels. There are, however, several others. Most of them have already been in your vicinity. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most common styles of heel we see.

Marilyn Monroe once said that heels are a woman’s best friend. The right pair of shoes may boost your self-esteem, alter your look, and help you stand out among the rest of the participants. It all boils down to personal preference. Heels have a lot more aisle space than anticipated. Regardless of your taste, the world of fashion offers something for you to look at. 

These are the ten common types of heels you should be aware of before choosing your next pair of heels. 

Block Heel

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Thick heels look better but also distribute your weight differently than thin heels. So your front foot is less stressed, which makes it easier for you to stand.

Cuban Heel

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It looks like the Cuban heel is following the men’s fashion trend. Toe caps are most commonly found on closed-toe shoes like ankle boots, oxfords, and loafers. Toe caps are usually medium to short in height. Although it appears sturdy, the heel may have a slight taper towards the back when worn.

Cone Heel

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 The cone heel has a robust and solid base for support and a small, delicate tip for aesthetic appeal for the shoe’s heels. Conical-shaped heels can be found in a variety of designs and heights. Shoes with a classic design like this pair can be worn with anything.

Flare Heel

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Heels with flares were trendy in the 1970s flower power movement, similar to flared denim. Flare heels have a narrower top and a wider bottom toe box.

French Heel

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The French heel, also referred to as the Louis heel, pompadour heel, or just the French heel, is a style of spool heel. It also has a narrow central section and a fast curving bottom, similar to the French heel style. They’re also typically relatively small.

High Heel

Photo Courtesy: Solewise

In terms of height and shape, high heels are available in a wide range of designs. Any shoe with a four-inch or higher heel is acceptable. Stilettos, pumps, and other high-heeled footwear are trendy right now.

Kitten Heel

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Kitten heels are an excellent option for women who have trouble walking in high heels or are tall but don’t want to give up on looking chic just because of their height. Short, flat heels with a thin, slender heel.

Medium Heel

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Shoes with a medium amount of heels are the best for both the office and daily use. As a result, these work shoes are ideal because they raise your posture without putting undue stress on your feet ‘ balls.

Ornate Heel

Photo Courtesy: DHgate

When it comes to shoes, nothing beats a pair that has been lavishly embellished. The results are astounding when shoe designers let their creativity run wild. Most of us would enjoy our weekends more if we could put on cute little clothes like these. 

Slim Heel

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Heels with a sleek silhouette are ideal for a night on the town or a special event. This thin, towering heel will make your legs appear longer and more limber.

Shoes are a must, so why wait to get a pair when you can? When you wear these women’s 2021 style shoes, wherever you go becomes a promenade!