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Makeup should be organised by brand, colour, and style. But how exactly? Let’s take a closer look!

Begin by identifying your most frequently used makeup products. Makeup can become disorganised if it is only kept in one location. 

The best places to keep your supplies are under the sink, in a drawer, and your cosmetic bag/pouch. Additionally, sort your products by colour or brand to make your makeup organisation more accessible.

The types of makeup storage solutions available are summarised below.

Within a Drawer

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There are numerous ways to organise your makeup, whether you have a large or small drawer. 

  • Sort your cosmetics by category before deciding on the best storage method.
  • Separate your everyday makeup from your special occasion and evening makeup. This will assist you in determining which storage containers are the most efficient. Choose rounded-edged storage containers for the cleanest results.
  • Look for containers with rounded corners as well. Sharp ones are more difficult to clean. 
  • Make sure to clean the compartments regularly to keep everything organised.

In a cabinet

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Look for a shelf with compartments or a drawer to organise your makeup supplies. Makeup requires different storage conditions. Some people are more sensitive to the elements than others. 

  • Consider using catch-alls or drawers to reduce clutter. 
  • Stackable trays can store your thinner items while also providing easy access. 
  • You can also use decorative trays to display your smaller items. 

Vanity/closet built-in

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A built-in vanity or closet with plenty of storage space includes both storage and a built-in vanity with extra countertop space for your other beauty supplies. A makeup organiser is an essential component of a tidy and well-organised vanity. Makeup storage units are convenient, but they can also help you keep your makeup in good condition.

Beneath the Sink

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Consider installing a small storage unit beneath the sink if you have the space in your bathroom. This unit can be displayed open on the countertop or concealed behind a cabinet door.


  • A rotating storage unit allows for easy access to makeup. To store your makeup, use an attractive, clear glass jar. They also have a wide mouth to avoid spills.
  • Hanging organisers are another option. Open organisers can make it easier to find the right tools. Hanging organisers can store your essential makeup items, such as eyeshadow, lipstick, and mascara. 
  • Modern copper cups can even be purchased to hang in your bathroom. They will make mornings less stressful. 
  • Makeup brushes can even be transported in a sushi mat! Consider purchasing or making your makeup organiser save even more space.

Within a cosmetic bag or pouch

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First, choose between a makeup pouch and a cosmetic bag with compartments. You can select one with more compartments for smaller items or many compartments. Remember that makeup pouches or bags should be more significant than you require. 

Furthermore, consider investing in a makeup pouch or bag that can fold and unroll for easy storage if you travel frequently.

You can also select a makeup pouch or bag made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic and sustainably sourced leather.

Above the counters

A well-organised bathroom countertop will make your hectic morning routine much more manageable. Determine the amount of space in your bathroom and then plan storage solutions for both sides. 

Separate your everyday makeup from your other makeup if you have a makeup cabinet and a countertop. Keep everyday makeup on the counter and other products in clear plastic drawers. 

After you’ve decided on a storage solution, the next step is to purge unnecessary items and logically organise them.

When you’ve found the perfect makeup organiser, orchestrate it like a pro!