Before you decide which eyeliner style suits you the best, it’s very important to choose a safe eyeliner in order to not only look great but feel comfortable.


1. Long-Winged Eyeliner

To create a long-winged eyeliner style, position your eyeliner at the inner corner of your eye. Gradually pull the liner toward the outer part of your eye and flick the eyeliner upwards close to the end of your eyebrow.

2. Glittery Eyeliner Styles

Incorporate some glitter to your eyeliner by either using a glitter eyeliner pen or applying a glittery eyeshadow over the eyeliner. Apply the glittery eyeshadow immediately after applying the eyeliner while it’s still wet so that the glitter sticks.

3. Blue Eyeliner Styles for Small Eyes

Adding a brightly colored eyeliner can make your eyes appear larger even if you have small eyes. Experiment with some blue eyeliner to enhance the size of your eyes.

4. Double-Winged Eyeliner Styles

For a punk rock look, try a double-winged eyeliner style by drawing eyeliner on both the upper and lower eyelids. Create a curved winge on the upper lid while drawing a straight wing on the lower lid.

5. Eyeliner with Smokey Pink Eyeshadow

Eyeliner is known to make your eyes pop, and pink eyeshadow can give the impression that your eyes are much wider than they really are. Try combining both black eyeliner and a pale pink smokey eyeshadow to draw more attention to your eyes.

This combination of soft, yet defining eye makeup is really a perfect wedding look.