The most essential part of any facial makeup is the makeup of the eye. It can either make or mar your whole effort. If it is done properly, it does wonders to your face. Remember eye makeup is a special art. It takes a little time and patience to master it. For this you should know how to choose the light shades, how to blend them properly, what kind of brushes you require, and how to apply perfectly. In this tutorial, a few basic tips have been put together specially for the beginners, which will surely be a great help for you all.

Essential Requirements

  • Concealer
  • Eye shadow primer
  • Eye shadow base
  • High lighter
  • Mid tone shade
  • Black matte shade
  • Eye makeup brushes
  • A small flat eye shadow brush
  • Small and medium sized blending brush
  • Smudger


  • Eyeliner
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara wand (special comb to separate the lashes and remove extra mascara


Step 1: Use a Concealer


Apply a concealer around your eyes, particularly under your eyes to even out the skin texture. Start with the inner corners where the skin is the darkest. Then apply under the pupil and then on the outer edge. Dab the concealer with your finger, do not rub.


Step 2: Apply an Eye Primer


Next apply an eye shadow primer which will make the surface smooth and keep the eye shadow stay for a longtime. Once the primer dries up, apply an eye shadow base which will help the eye shadow to stick better with the skin. In the absence of any eye shadow base, a concealer or foundation can also be used.


Step 3: Select Basic Shades


If you are a beginner, it is better to start with 4 basic shades.


  • Using a small flat eye shadow brush, apply the lightest shade on the inner corners of the eyes and then stretch it outwards. Remember to tap your brush every time before applying to remove the excess product.
  • Use a blending brush to apply the mid tone shade above the crease line. Starting from outward and blending it smoothly towards the inner corner.
  • Contouring makes your eyes glamorous.

Apply the contour shade, starting from the outer corner and gliding it towards the crease. Always try to keep your contour shade lower than the mid tone shade.


  • After you are done with your eyelid makeup, you can concentrate on the bottom part of the eye. For this part, mix the mid tone colour and the contour shade and apply it on the bottom lash line.


  • For smoky eye look, use black matte shade on the outer corner of the eye lids.


Step 4: Use an Eye Liner


Eye liner is very essential to add more definition and shape to your eyes. You can use a liquid liner or an eye pencil. Start from the inner corner of the eye and proceed towards the outer corner. Similarly, apply it to the lower lash line. Then take a smudger and smudge it to achieve a smoky effect.


Step 5: Use a Curler and Mascara


Now, let us come to the finale of the eye makeup. First use a good curler to curl your lashes. Then apply mascara to make the eyelashes look thick and long. Coat your eyelashes from root to tip. Repeat the same procedure with the lower lashes. If there are lumps of mascara on the lashes, comb the lashes with a clean mascara wand.


After the coating has dried up, you can apply another coat if you want.