Blue eyes are one of the most wonderful gifts that women can possess and while these precious diamonds can be scintillating on their own, adding a dash of appropriate make up can make them pop incredibly.

However, blue-eyed beauties might not be aware that not all eye shadows do the same justice to your orbs making you exclaim with delight and offering your heartfelt gratitude to God for bestowing you with these wonderful jewels.

How to choose the best hue of eye shadow for blue eyes

So how does one choose the best eye shadow to accentuate one’s gorgeous blue eyes? Your best guide is the shade of your blue eyes which can be dark blue, grayish-blue or light blue.

Yellow hues for Dark Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes which veer towards a dark night-sky shade, experts recommend that adorning your eye lids with yellow hued eye shadows can really create a captivating effect and can bring out the blue of your eyes which otherwise almost appear black. Opting for a golden yellow shade is always better than a bold and bright one as the latter might create a too startling effect. To highlight the glowing, golden look, apply a pencil eye liner in gold on your upper lash line and mascara to your eye lashes.

Peachy shades for grayish-blue eyes

The smoky eye look has always been considered both elegant and seductive. Peach eye-shadow can best complement the grayish blue shades of your irises and the smoky look will make you gape with awe when you end up looking like a Goddess. But, when applying this hue of eye shadow confine your ministrations to the upper eye lids only as applying this underneath your eyes could make you look weary! If you want to add a dramatic but dazzling contrast, use pencil eyeliner in forest green on your lower lash line and mascara on your eye lashes.


Orange shades for light blue eyes

The best thing about light blue eyes is that you don’t need to be hesitant about choosing the bold orange eye shadow but a deeper nude-toned orange shade can really make your blue babies pop. So, coat your eye lids with this hue and do ensure that it is blended into your eye-lid crease for which you must use a fluffy eye shadow brush. For finishing touches, apply bronze pencil eyeliner on your lower lash line and some coats of mascara on the eye lashes.