The smokey eye make-up look is one of the most searched beauty tutorials online. This eye make-up look has more than 30 million hits on Google, which makes it the most desirable beauty look. It may look simple, but it can be tricky to pull off, we know. If you want to ace this look, we’ve got the right infographic you need to follow. Take a look at these steps and learn how to achieve smokey eyes, just like a make-up pro:


Step 1
To make the colour pop, prepare your lids with a base colour. You can go for a nude shade or an earthy brown shade, which compliments the black colour.

Step 2
For beginners, it’s best to start with a liner. Use a gel liner and draw a liner close to the lash line. This step will help you to trace the shadow later.
Step 3
Now, layer the liner with eyeshadow and make a ‘V’ on the outer corner of the eyes like the one shown in the image.

Step 4
The key to achieving flawless smokey eyes is to blend it well. Use a small fluffy brush to blend from the outer corner of the eyes to the inner corners.

Step 5
To intensify the look further, always apply a coat of black mascara. To complete the look, apply black kohl or a shadow on the lower lids.