If anything, the arrival of new winter make-up excites us more than a steamy Cappuccino or a cosy hoodie does! Right? Let’s check them out!

To get back into the swing of things with colour cosmetics, it’s time to clean up the makeup brushes and get a fresh lipstick. There’s no need for it to be too shiny either. Even beauty minimalists and drama queens may find inspiration in this season’s top makeup looks. 

The following five make-up trends for fall that you’ll love in 2021:

Dramatic Underliners

Photo Courtesy: Reddit

When it came to eyeliner trends, graphic patterns and dramatic cat-eyes were fashionable in the past. Right now, the underliner is all the rage!

It does what it claims to: 

When applying eyeliner, focus on the lower lash line and leave the upper lashline unlined for best results. You may go from a more natural look to a more dramatic one by just changing the colour of your eyeliner.

Using a blue eyeshadow will make your smoky eye stand out more, but using a dark brown would make it more subdued.

 Use a gel-based pencil to draw the line, and then use a tiny shadow brush to smooth it out.

 Vibrantly Colored Inner Eye Corners

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Everything related to the inner corners of the eyes is popular in the world of eye make-up because they are the most noticeable. Aside from that, it’s a great way to spice up a more understated outfit. 

Use your fingers to mix in a bit of a bright shadow in the inner corner of your eye (liquid formulations work best).

The last touch is a coat of black mascara to finish the look. 

Leave just the rim of your lid covered with the product.

90’s puckered lips

Photo Courtesy: Blogspot

Bucket hats and toe rings aren’t the only 90’s fashion throwbacks making a return. The grunge era will also have an impact on 2021’s winter beauty trends. It’s safe to say that matte lip colours in earthy browns and neutral tones will be big this season. 

Fill in your lips with a feathering technique after using a neutral brown lip liner to create the outside borders. (Remember that applying lip gloss to the centre of your lips is a mistake!) 

As a final stroke, use a softer shade of the same lipstick to fill in the centre of your lips and blend it in.

Sleek, Neutral-Toned Face

Photo Courtesy: Youtube

As we’re all aware, this fad has been going on for a while. Many cosmetic purists will be happy, as a consequence. Although brilliance is still famous, wearing a lot of highlighters is out. 

  • If you want to keep this look contemporary, dust on some glittering setting powder on your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and nose bridge. 
  • This autumn, it’ll be favoured to match your eyes, cheeks, and lips, especially in taupe, nude, rose pink, and champagne shades. You can never go wrong with this look since it is timeless. If you’re not a fan of heavy eye makeup, this is the look for you.

Metallics: Where Do We Go From Here?

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Those who like messing about with and experimenting with their cosmetics would enjoy this setting. Although metallics have been popular for a long time, the focus is on pigments that mimic foil, such as silver and gold. It’s a style that can be worn on the lips or the lids, the lids being the more straightforward option. Many foiled shadows are available now, but you may get a similar look with any metallic powder shadow you already own. 

  • Apply the shadow with a brush soaked in the liquid, and mist the brush lightly with a setting spray to complete the foil effect. 
  • Alternatively, if you want to go all out, apply some of the shadows to your lower lash line as a liner.

So, what’s your favourite fall-themed make-up look?