We are all going crazy for strobing because it’s not only much easier than contouring but also leaves behind a more alluring and natural, glowing effect.

More and more celebrities like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry chose strobing over contouring because of the inherent advantages in the former as compared to the latter. But ever wondered why these celebrities look flawless when they stand all aglow under flashing cameras while you still struggle to achieve the same finesse with your strobing efforts? The reason is simple. There are some essential do’s and don’ts of strobing that you might be ignoring.

  1. Never go for anything that is unnaturally sparkling

The primary reason why strobing is favoured by all beauty experts and enthusiasts is its objective to create a gentle and subtle shimmering look so that it seems as though your skin is glowing naturally.

  1. Be careful about your choice of highlighter

There are various kinds of highlighters viz. liquid, cream and powder. If your skin type is normal with inclination towards dryness and you believe yourself to be reasonably proficient in applying make-up then go for the liquid highlighter. The best thing is that even a small amount of liquid highlighter is sufficient to achieve that dazzling yet healthy, natural glowing look. Apply it on all the prominent points such as your forehead, cheekbones, cupid’s bow etc. in dotting motion. For a more intense glow, a liquid highlighter should be combined with a moisturizer and foundation.

A cream highlighter is best for normal skin with inclination towards oiliness and it creates a very soft glow without looking overly shiny or sweaty. It also illuminates those areas on the face which have a tendency to be darker like under eyes and mouth corners and the final effect is that of someone who is glowing from inside.

For someone with nascent skills in make-up, powder highlight is the most appropriate choice and an added advantage is that it is suitable for all skin types. Considered as the best highlighter, it creates an overall glow over the face and can be easily controlled because if it is applied in excess, it can be toned down easily.

  1. Use correct make-up brush or sponge

While the liquid highlighter can be applied using your fingers, for the other two choosing the right kind of tool is equally important.