1. Basic Pedicure: If you want to experience the simplest package, the basic pedicure is a great place to start. Common pedicure steps include: soaking your feet, trimming and filing your nails, pushing back and cleaning your cuticles, and exfoliating and hydrating your feet.Then, your nail technician will apply a base coat, two coats of your preferred polish color and a top coat before letting you go on your     way.


2. Mini Pedicure: If you are feeling pressed for time, opt for the mini pedicure, sometimes called the express pedicure, which gives you many of the same treatments as a basic pedicure does but in a compressed timeframe.

The foot exfoliation and hydration are skipped, but your nails will still be cleaned, clipped, filed and polished so that you can look your best in very little time. Because it’s less work, salons such as VIP Nails charge about $10 less for a mini compared to a regular manicure.


3. Spa Pedicure: If you are wanting to expand your pedicure repertoire, the spa pedicure is your obvious choice. Many of the steps in this process are similar to the basic package, but your nail technician will add on a few extra perks to help your feet relax and look their best.

The exact options offered to you will depend on the spa you visit, but you may be able to receive a hydrating mask, a warm towel wrap or an aromatic exfoliating scrub. The longer session will help you more fully relax. Dashing Diva offers some of the best spa pedicures around.


4. Paraffin Pedicure: A paraffin pedicure lets you add on a warm paraffin wax treatment to a basic or spa package. Depending on the spa, your foot may be wrapped in a paraffin slipper, or you might get a warm paraffin wax foot bath.

This wax softens and smooths your skin amazingly and is perfect for getting rid of those hard summer callouses or your dry winter skin.


5. Gel Pedicure: A gel pedicure also refers to the type of nail polish that is applied. After the beginning steps of your basic pedicure package, your nail technician will apply two coats of thick nail polish along with a clear top coat.

After each coat application, you will cure your nails beneath a UV light. Gel polish is incredibly strong and hard, and your polish should last at least two to three weeks if not longer on your feet.

6. Fish Pedicure: Although you won’t find fish pedicures at spas such as Massage Envy and Elements Massage, they are used around the world to great acclaim. For example, at Kenko Wellness in Singapore, their Fish Spa Therapy is a popular service. This type of pedicure can be a bit difficult to get used to at first as you will dip your feet into a bath containing special fish that feast on the dead skin cells on your feet.

Although these fish are toothless and cannot actually bite you, this treatment may be difficult to get through if you have very ticklish feet. However, the end result is softened, callous-free feet. Following the fish treatment, your pedicure will continue as usual.