It may be challenging to find out how to adapt them to our body shapes regarding fashion trends. 

We believe that fashion is all about feeling confident in your skin and style. However, you may argue that we follow guidelines rather than rigorous restrictions. It’s time to figure out how to dress for your body type and showcase your most outstanding features using the clothes you currently possess (or should own). But first, do you know what your body type is?

Athletically shaped body-type (rectangle/straight shape)

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The athletic body type, commonly referred to as the rectangular or straight shape, is characterised by several features. This body type can be yours if you meet the following requirements:

Despite your slender frame, you don’t have a slim form.

There is a strong correlation between your shoulder and hip measures.

When it comes to your waist, you don’t have a tight or well-defined one; instead, it’s straight up and down.

The weight of your entire body is spread relatively equally.

Athletes should learn how to dress following their body type.

Apple-shaped body-type – (an inverted triangle)

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If you have an apple-shaped physique, you have the apple-shaped body type, also known as the inverted triangle body type. This body type can be yours if you meet the following criteria:

It’s rare for you to be well-balanced for your height.

Your shoulders are more extensive than your hips regarding the circumference.

Is it possible that your hips aren’t as curvy as you believe?

Assuming you don’t have an hourglass figure, you’re probably a lady of standard height if your waistline isn’t defined.

If you follow this guide, you’ll learn how to embellish your apple shape.

Hourglass-shaped body-type – (curvaceous) shape

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The hourglass-shaped body type, also known as the curvaceous body type, is a body type that is formed like glass. This body type can be yours if you meet the following requirements:

Having a body type like yours is sometimes referred to as ‘curvaceous’.

If you have a defined waist, it is a beautiful thing!

Almost the exact breast and hip sizes.

This means that you may notice that you have greater volume in some regions than in others.

Dressing for an hourglass body is covered in this article.

Pear-shaped body-type — (triangular shape)

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Often known as triangle-shaped bodies, they are more frequent. This body type can be yours if you meet the following requirements:

In comparison to the diameter of your breasts, your waist circumference is much larger.

You feel that your hips are more significant than those of the ordinary individual.

Because your shoulders are substantially smaller than the size of your hips, this is an asset.

You have a bigger tummy than the majority of individuals.

Each individual and each body is unique. If you are not one of these forms, it is just OK! These dressing recommendations are best utilised as a jumping-off point for learning the fundamentals. And the majority of women are a hybrid of many! It’s all about experimenting with combinations until you discover what works best for you.