How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Courtesy: Lifehacks

There are lots of tips on how to make up, but to look natural at the same time. But, you can look beautiful without any makeup on your face.

No matter how high-quality makeup products you use on your face, it is necessary to take a break from time to time from strong powders, blushes, shadows, mascaras. And, although the models on the box with the beautiful artificial eyelashes, perfect skin and perfect eyebrows, there is no way that you will be able to achieve the same results with this products. Even if you spend all day in front of the mirror. On some products, it is written that they improve the texture and color of the skin but doesn´t keep the promise.

Make-up is there to highlight the beauty of your face. But try to skip it from time to time and go out to the public in your natural edition.
If you want to know how to look fresh and beautiful without the use of makeup products continue reading this useful tips.

Hydration and sleep

Dehydration and tiredness are first noticed on the face. So be sure to sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day. If you sleep enough your face will look fresher since you rested. Also, the liquid is necessary for a nice look of the body. Drink plenty of water, unsweetened teas, and natural juices. The tan will soon be perfect, so you will no longer need the make up foundation.


The food you eat is very important for your bright and youthful look. Eat a plenty of vegetables and fruit for the glow of the face.

Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansing is essential for beauty. Even if you didn´t apply makeup, it is necessary to wash and clean your face before bedtime. Why? The air with which our face is in contact is carrying numerous harmful particles that adhere to the surface of the skin. Also, we often unconsciously touch the face with hands that aren´t always the cleanest. And in the end, there are natural oils that act like skin protection, but to a great extent (especially if you have oily skin) can clog pores and create problems.

Tip: Wash your face with cold water to accelerate circulation. Good circulation = perfect tan.

Neat eyebrows

The last few seasons natural and dense eyebrows are trendy, so you don´t need much effort to sort them out. However, this doesn´t mean that you should completely forget about the tweezers. From time to time, shape your brows, also comb them with specialized combs to make them tidy, and if they are too long, shorten the hair with scissors.

Face Creams

Face creams are essential for soft skin. They hydrate your face and protect against negative impacts. Over the course of the day wear some protective factor and apply a moisturizer at night.


For a good facial look, a key factor is also hairstyle! The right hairstyle can do wonders for your look. Also, make sure your hair is always clean and tidy. Even if you have the perfect make-up if your hair is oily and tufted it is certain that you will not look attractive. So – good hairstyle occupies the first place!


As much as banal may sound, a smile is really the most beautiful face decoration. If you look bright and you smile, you will not need the makeup to please people and to look nice to them. Because of the smile, your face will shine!

Whatever is your reason for leaving a makeup, it is important that you look the best at any time and be confident in yourself and your natural lifestyle.