Good hygiene and cotton clothing that allows air movement can reduce sweating. Courtesy: Medical News Today

You might think that you are only supposed to sweat when you are hot, but once you hit puberty, you will also sweat when you are nervous. Your sweat glands, which are in places like your armpits, become more active during the teen years. That means you will sweat more, and your sweat will have a smell.

Don’t panic! Sweat and smell are normal parts of becoming an adult. Sweating also does an important job — it helps cool your body when you are hot.

You can follow some simple tips to keep from smelling bad:

  • Shower or take a bath every day, making sure to wash your underarms, pubic area, and bottom.
  • Use a deodorant, which helps get rid of smells, or an antiperspirant, which decreases sweating, or a product that has both of these in it.
  • Talk to your doctor if these things do not work or you are worried about smelling bad.

Source: girlshealth.gov