Wrapping a scarf around your neck in one of these fashionable ways is a great way to accessorise. Scroll down to know more!

 It’s a fashion faux pas to wear your scarf the same way every time, especially when there are so many fantastic ways to wear it.

 Let’s check out what to wear with a scarf this winter!

 Square Blanket Scarf

Photo Courtesy: Wallmart

 Authentic, time flies by. Last month, we were all on the lookout for new fall fashions…! Season change is upon us (alright, that line is definitely from Game of Thrones). This square blanket scarf is an easy way to wear a scarf on your head.

 Make a triangle out of your blanket scarf by folding it in half.

Cross your blanket scarf’s ends behind your head and hold them there.

To get the desired look, tuck the ends of the scarf under the scarf and fluff it up.

It’s time to wrap up warm with this square blanket scarf!

 The Muffler-style

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

 The scarf tie with a muffler is perhaps the most popular right now. It’s so simple but so sweet. It’s easy to use this method with a thin, delicate scarf. Wearing a scarf as a shirt is one option.

 A square scarf is required for this task.

The other end should be held.

A knot is formed by knotting the two ends twice.

Tie the scarf around your neck so that it hangs loosely over your shoulders.

Make sure to puff it up a little.

 ‘Fake’ Knot

Photo Courtesy: Etsy

 For long scarves and a more relaxed style, this knot is ideal. The scarf may be reimagined in only four simple steps. Adjust the length of the scarf so that the left side is longer than the right.

Wrap the scarf around your neck and secure it with a knot.

Cut the string.

Finally, pull the other scarf end through the knot and secure it there.

 The Bow-style

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

 A scarf tied in a bow is an exciting and eye-catching way to wear your scarf. Long rectangular scarves are best suited to this design. An ensemble of jeans and a cardigan or sweater may be dressed up with a scarf tucked into a knotted knot.

Classic European Loop

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

 If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest way to wrap a scarf around your neck, this is the best style! If celebrities are on board, it’s an excellent addition to our list in any event for both men and women to see why celebrities are so fond of wearing their scarves throughout Europe. Depending on your preference, you may wear it in the centre or on one side as a wrap.

 Twisted European Loop

Photo Courtesy: Daiber

 It isn’t only for the famous and wealthy anymore. Things are sure to be shaken up if you make a few tweaks. Knowing how to properly drape a winter scarf in the manner of the Europeans is an asset. If you follow this method, you’ll be able to pick up new tricks, like this variation on the European loop. Instead of a massive loop at the front, you get a stylish and artistic macrame knot.

Double Scarf Boho-Tie

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

 This is a great trick to use in the winter when your scarves are thin, and you want to add another one to keep warm. Wearing more vibrant colours and making a fashion statement is a great way to combat the cold.

Wrap-up in style!

Scarves are one of the few things we can’t do without. Get one if you don’t already have one! It’s a year-round need. It’s never too late to try one of these fashionable scarf styles!

 Which of these scarf ensembles is your favourite for fall?