By wearing jeans of the same shade, you can create a cohesive look to flatter your figure. But how? Let’s check it out!

It is essential to choose light-washed ones on hotter days when wearing denim. Also, select similar-toned denim, as similar colours draw the eye up and down the outfit. By wearing jeans of the same shade, you can create a cohesive look to flatter your figure. 

In addition, you can make your silhouette appear longer by using a leather belt or matching accessories.

Light-wash denim is better for hot days

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Suppose you’re looking for a pair of jeans to wear on hot days. Opt for a lighter-washed pair. This type of denim is a bit more breathable and helps your legs stay cool when the weather is warm. The same rule applies to dark-wash jeans. 

Light-washed jeans should have two wash tones apart, or they’ll look out of place when paired with dark-wash denim.

Although dark-washed jeans still look good, light-wash denim is better for hot days. It’s best to avoid wearing denim if you don’t plan to exercise, as darker shades will absorb sweat and hide sweat stains. This fashion dilemma is even more complicated when choosing between dark and light denim. 

Avoiding faded or ripped jeans

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To avoid looking like a slob, rip or faded person, try to buy a pristine pair of jeans. These denim pieces aren’t only durable, but they look good, too! 

The key is to dress the denim up a bit, and you can achieve this with some tips. 

When wearing jeans for smart-casual occasions, avoid wearing faded or ripped ones.

Wear dark wash, straight leg jeans. 

Don’t wear anything else that doesn’t match the jeans.

Choosing the wrong wash can ruin your look, so you want to buy mint jeans that won’t show a trace of wear and tear. This will ensure that you look as bright as possible.

These tips will help you look good in your jeans, no matter what colour!

Choose similar shades of denim

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When wearing denim, you should choose similar shades in your clothing. Contrary to popular belief, wearing different shades of denim together does not work well. Instead, select similar shades and pair them with varying shades of other garments. This will make your outfit look cohesive, but it will also elongate your silhouette. Besides, this basic rule of denim on denim styling will come in handy for all seasons.

While choosing denim, you must consider how to match the colour of your skin and hair to the shade of your denim. Generally, lighter shades match a person’s skin tone better than darker shades. 

Cool shades will create a sense of proportionality, while darker shades will make them appear disproportionate to your body. Darker shades will also draw attention to certain areas of your body.

Using leather belts

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A leather belt will keep your trousers in place when wearing denim, but it can also give your outfit a little extra personality. 

A classic belt is made of leather with gold or silver-toned hardware. Every woman should have at least two belts in his wardrobe, one black and one brown. Women will look better and more stylish in black belts, but brown ones will work better with lighter shades.

Choose a slimmer fit

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There are many factors to consider when buying jeans, and one of them is the shape of your body. For example, a wide leg may not look good in a slim fit, while a large belly can look unflattering. 

A dark wash and a slim fit will help reduce your belly, as will a higher rise. Try them on before you buy jeans and measure your body against a pair of your favourite jeans.

Regardless of your body type, you can still choose a slim fit. While regular jeans are ideal for a slim or average guy, skinny fits may be too tight. A bigger woman should consider a straight fit, dark wash denim. Also, plus-size damsels with wide hips might benefit from a straight fit. The athletic cut is the perfect choice for big girls because it has a slimming effect.

Now that you know which one is “inch-perfect.”