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Your face shape is critical to determining which sunglasses are best for you. We’ve rounded together the most fabulous hairstyles for every face shape.

Since the shape of the face differs from other shapes, selecting frames for it can be not easy. Fortunately, fashion rules for frame shapes have been developed to help people with this process. The key is to find frames that complement your style. While the regulations governing different face shapes are helpful, the decision ultimately comes down to your taste and personal preference. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you’ll be ready to make a purchase!

The three most common facial shapes are heart, rectangle, and square. Each has its characteristics that will look best in various eyeglass shapes. 

Angled frames look great on heart-shaped faces, while round and wayfarer shapes look best on a square and triangle-shaped faces. If you have a teardrop-shaped face, you should avoid eyeglasses that mimic the shape of your jawline.

Here are some pointers to help you choose the best style for your face.

Angular Frames Complement Heart-Shaped Faces

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Heart-shaped faces are the most adaptable face shape, and they can look good in any frame. When selecting a frame, keep in mind that balance is the most critical consideration. A rimless style frame may suit you if you have a heart-shaped face. Round faces are similar in shape to heart-shaped faces but have softer angles. They have equally broad brows and jaws. A round face complements any angular frame style.

Round Frames Flatter Square Faces

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A square face complements thin, round, or oval-shaped frames best. The shape of the frames helps to balance out angular features and provides a gentle contrast to the strong jawline and cheekbones of a square face. A slightly wider frame can make a square face appear longer and softer, so a more rounded style may be preferable. Acetate and plastic frames complement square faces as well.

Butterfly-shaped Frames Complement Triangle Faces

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Triangle faces look best with glasses that balance the two halves of the face. While a style with more detail on top of the frame can help balance out an angular jaw, a style with a wider lower half is the best option. A butterfly-shaped frame is also a good choice for people with longer faces, accentuating the features of your face. 

As for the wings covering the frame, butterfly frames flatter triangle faces. They are known to brighten a gloomy face instantly. By elongating the face, they can also channel disco diva style! 

Put your best face forward by wearing a shade that emphasises your high cheekbones!